Can you please explain all this.. choosing the topic is the first step in doing an editorial. It may not be an easy task because a lot of significant events could be happening at the same time while nothing exciting could be going on at another time. Moreover, the editorial writer must make sure that the choice of topic will catch the interest and attention of the readers. However, the task of choosing a topic may be simplified with the following guidelines:
1. choose a subject matter that is of significance to the target readers. Tell them about something that affects them as individual or as members of the bigger community and society.
2.Limit the discussion by choosing a specific topic. Broad subject matters are usually unwieldy and difficult to cover. Nevertheless, consider topics as a source of specific ideas to write about.
3. write about current events in school but get ideas as well from national and international news that are of significant to the readers.
4. write different types of editorials about varied subject matters. A page of editorials having the same type and focusing on the same topic will bore a reader.
5. Discuss possible topics with other editorial writers and members of the staff and adviser, and learn from their ideas. Do not hesitate to ask for help or suggestion when necessary.
6. Conduct research that may be necessary for a good choice of topic.
Read a lot and talk about issues with other people in order to have a comprehensive perspective of what is going on around your community and society. A broad knowledge about the subject matter will make one an authoritative and confident editorial writer.
7. Refrain from writing on too- often- written - about topics unless they can be presented from a new light and with a new touch.



It should interesting and significant to the readers.

Pick a specific topic. If you want to talk about Music, pick something a bit more specific like a band or a genre. 

You can get ideas from school events.

Have different editorials about different things. You can't have two editorials that have the same topic!

Talk to other people about what to write. They could give ideas

Research a lot about your topic so you can have an enough information to give your opinion without being very biased.

Try not to write about an issue that has been talked about a lot UNLESS you have new information or give a new point of view on the issue. :)

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thank you so much!
No problem! Good luck with this :)