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Yes! so your referring what earth is made of? okay! so ,do you know composition? composition meant structure, earth is surrounded a large amount of water, about 70% of water while only 30% of land, only planet earth that the organism can lived of, because it consist of atmosphere and other elements, based on my studies, only 1% of fresh water exist in liquid form and the rest 69% are all surrounds by the ocean. below earth's surface are layers of rock and metal. temperature increase with depth.

there are the structure of earth:
the crust , mantle and core

the crust is the solid outer layer of earth, there are many elements of crust made of, the iron,magnesium, oxygen, nickel, and etc.
the mantle is the central part of earth ,it is lies between crust and core, this is composed of silicates rocks rich in magnesium and iron.
the core, core is divided in two parts the outer core and inner core
,inner core surrounded of liquid while outer core composed of nickel-iron alloy