Instruction:complete the paragraph below by supplying the appropriate transition words from the given options.

College students read differently.One student reads everything at a slow pace(1.)___________ he is convinced he has better understanding.(2.)___________ he admits that he has still troubles comprehending what he is reading.Another student practiced speed reading,(3.)____________ he skims lightly and quickly over everything,regardless of what his purpose in reading is.(4)__________ his comprehension is frequently low,particularly in his studies.A third reader,who does well in his class work,is quick to recognize a change in the difficulty level of his material(5)_________ the purpose for which he is reading.This student will then adjust his rate and method of accordingly.He has learned that a good reader adapts his rate and method of reading(6)___________ to his purpose and to difficulty of his reading material.



1) because
2) but
3) yet
4)As a resut
5) and
6)according to

Hopefully i've made no mistakes. :) 
2 4 2