Every mathematician is a father or mother of math. Some are parents to huge swaths of math (e.g. Archimedes, Gauss, Euler, Erdos etc). Others to a single theorem or to a generation of mathematicians
1)The greek mathematician Archimedes who is considered by many as            The Father of Mathematics because he is regarded as one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity and is credited with designing numerous innovative machines, including the screw pump and siege engines.

2)Gauss who is 
the consideres as the ‘Prince of Mathematics’, which made his first major discovery whilst still a teenager, and wrote the incredible Disquisitiones Arithmeticae, his magnum opus, by the time he was 21.

3)Euler many people said that if Gauss is the Prince, Euler is the King. Living from 1707 to 1783, which he is regarded as the greatest mathematician to have ever walked this planet.

, also known as Leonardo Fibonacci, is perhaps one of the middle ages greatest mathematicians.

is considered by some to be one of the first great mathematicians. Living around 570 to 495 BC, in modern day Greece, he is known to have founded the Pythagorean cult, who were noted by Aristotle to be one of the first groups to actively study and advance mathematics.