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A prepositional phrase is a phrase which containts a preposition for example:

above the table
behind the wall
through the cave
with a friend
A prepositional phrase is made up of a preposition and a noun phrase. We use prepositional phrases for many purposes, for example: - as adverbials of time and place: We will be back in a few days. They drove to Glasgow .- as a postmodifier in a noun phrase: Helen is the girl in the red dress We’ve got a new television with a thirty one inch screen. - to show who did something: The lion was killed by the hunter I saw a wonderful painting by Van Gogh - with double object verbs like give and get: We gave five pounds to the woman on the corner. They got a drink for me. - after certain verbs, nouns and adjectives: The book belongs to me. I had an argument with my brother. I feel sorry for you.