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i already solve it lol.before i post.
did you try to use -5? lol cause its 24
lol use matrices..
i did lol
lol try again...
A(5,1), B(-3,1), C(1,y)
Area = \frac{1}{2} |A_x(B_y - Cy) +B_x (C_y - A_y) +C_x (A_y - B_y)| \\ \frac{1}{2} |5(1-y) -3(y-1)+1(1-1)| \\ \frac{1}{2} |-8y+8| = 24. \\ |-8y+8| =48.
Thus, either -8y+8 = 48 or -8y+8 = - 48.
y = -5 or y=7.
ah ,, anung year mo na po?
simple lng po kc ung tanung ko.. jaja :) pwede rin gmitin ang matrices accurately po ang sagot y=7..
pa add nmn
actually, ginoogle ko lang yung formula ng area ng triangle given its coordinates. graduate na ako, gusto ko lang mag-review ng lessons nung hayskul.
yeah...pwede kuha ko email mo sa fb..