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Organic compounds are group of compounds that contain the element carbon.

the organic compounds that contain carbon and hydrogen combined with other elements namely ,oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous, sulfur and halogens          (fluorine, bromine and iodine) and etc.

Some Uses of organic compounds are:

∞Oxygen - 
is an organic compounds that is essential for breathing and other organism. in some way, oxygen is used to make a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

∞Nitrogen -
is an organic compound that is used in the chemical industry that is obtained by the fractional distillation of liquid air.

∞Phosporous -
is an organic compound that is used as reducing agent. it is dissolved by the moisture in air.

∞Sulfur -
is an organic compound that is also employed in the production of mathches, vulcanized rubber, dyes and etc. and it can use as a fungicide on plants.

and other.  (many more)

there are many example of useful organic compounds these kind of compounds are produced by plants and animals.

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