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tan^{2}\theta - sin^{2}\theta = tan^{2}\theta sin^{2}\theta} \\
\frac{sin^{2}\theta}{cos^{2}\theta} - sin^{2}\theta =tan^{2}\theta sin^{2}\theta\\
\frac{sin^{2}\theta  - sin^{2}\theta cos^{2}\theta}{cos^{2}\theta} =tan^{2}\theta sin^{2}\theta} \\
\frac{sin^{2}\theta(1  -  cos^{2}\theta)}{cos^{2}\theta} =tan^{2}\theta sin^{2}\theta \\
\frac{sin^{2}\theta(sin^{2}\theta)}{cos^{2}\theta} =tan^{2}\theta sin^{2}\theta \\
tan^{2}\theta sin^{2}\theta = tan^{2}\theta sin^{2}\theta  \\
1-cos²θ is sin²θ where did the negative sign and cos²θ go?
i replaced 1-cos²θ with sin²θ. its an identity
no what I'm talking about is the one on the 3rd line: (-sin²θcos²θ)
i just brought out sin no need for a change of sign