Sang Kancil is a tricky mouse deer because he tricked Sang Buaya.
How? Well, as far as I could remember Sang Kancil wants to go into the other side of the river but there's Sang Buaya and other crocodiles who wants to eat him up. So he thought of a way on how to reach the other side of the river without eaten by the crocodiles then afterwards, he said to Sang Buaya that there will be a feast held by the king and all of the animals, including crocodiles are invited. Sang kancil told Sang Buaya that they needs to line up for he need to count all of them.With such excitement,Sang Buaya told the other crocodiles and went to line up. Sang Kancil count them one by one with their heads being stepped by Sang Kancil. Atlast, Sang Kancil reach the other side of the river and the crocodiles only found out that they were fooled by Sang Kancil.
 Im sorry for grammars, Im not used to it .
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