What are the organisms found in the surrounding area of Monfort Bat Cave? (The Plants and Animals)
And what group/s of organisms are considered as producers?

The population of cave dwelling bats is declining because they are being eaten by other organisms.What are these organisms that feeds on bats?

Among the organisms that feed on bats,are there organisms that possibly feed on the predators of bats? Yes or No?

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Plants:                                          Animals:
- durian trees                                 - bats
- other trees                                  - crows
                                                      - pythons
                                                      - rats
                                                      - untamed dogs
                                                      - untamed cats
                                                      - monitor lizards
The trees (durian and other trees) are the producers. They provide food for the bats.

The organisms that feed on bats are crows, pythons, rats, untamed dogs, untamed cats, and monitor lizards.


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