Rearrange the words in each case to make a sentence.
1. A her life no one out success such thought turn would.
2.Her immediately public the to took.
3. A book club came idea of Oprah the up with.
4.Contemporary enough expectations her lived not novels to up.
5. Chance down novelist one the turned.
6. Have of own people reading groups set their thousands up.
7. Book's off 500 pages put shouldn't the them.




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(Just guessing.) XD

1) No one thought her life would turn out such a success.
2 )Took her immediately to the Public.
3)  A Club came up with the idea of Oprah book.
4) Her enough expectations not lived up to contemporary novels. 
5)  The Novelist turned down one chance
6)  People have set up their own thousands of reading.
7) Shouldn't put them off the 500 book's pages.

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