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This is currently unknown, for we do not have the technology to go out of our galaxy and we might not be able to survive the trip due to how long it will take to leve our galaxy. We also haven't reached the depths of our galaxy, so that means we haven't discovered anything in other galaxies. However, we may soon process the technology and place a drone on the next comet that will pass us. Also, my theory is that other galaxies will look like ours... just a bit. Because they are just dark matter with planets or stars. I also think that we will never survive the trip, because we are not built to leave Earth...or our galaxy. But... there is more. If, soon, the Earth will die, by that time, we would have had the technology to travel around the universe looking for a new home. (These are all scientific possibilities, for we haven't went out of even our solar system yet.
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