"a reality developer sells residentiall lots for
Php.4,000 per square meter plus a processing free of Php. 25,000 one of
the lots the reality of developer is selling costs Php. 625,000"

what is being asked the area?
4000x + 25000= 62500
wer x is the number of sq mtr of lot
is this an quadratic equation ? :3 please explain :)
no thats not a quadratic equation that is only linear because the highest degree is only 1


First take the processing fee Php 25,000.00
Php 625,000.00 - Php 25,000.00 = Php 600,000.00

Divided the remaining cost by cost per square meter

 \frac{Php600,000.00}{Php4,000.00} = 150 m^{2}

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