1.Greg has mass of 80kg and driving a 110kg truck at a speed of 20m\s how much will be the energy done of greg and truck.

2.A car weighs 100kg and possess an energy of 60kgmeter squares second square what will be the speed of the car.

3.What will be the mass of a car if it is raised by a height of 2.5m and having an energy done of 40.8J.

4.Calculate the spring constant that streches 21m having a potential energy of 10J.

5.pham is carrying a hallow blocks with a mass of 10kg if she exerted 500J to what height will she raise it.




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G: mass a = 80 kg, mass b = 110 kg; speed/velocity = 20m/s
R: Kinetic Energy
E: KE = 1/2mv²
S: a. (1/2)(80 kg)(20 m/s)²     b. (1/2)(110 kg)(20m/s)²
        (40 kg)(400 m/s²)             (55 kg)(400m/s)
        16,000 J                         22,000 J
        SF=20,000 J                   SF=20,000 J
A: 20,000 J