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1. You are the knife that stabbed my heart.
2. He is the star of my life.
3. My father is a superhero.
4. My mother is the light of the house.
5. Your love is a flame within me.
6. My sister's temper is a dynamite bomb.
7. His brother is an owl.
8. Her sibling is such a rat.
9. You are the apple of my eye.
10. You are the sunshine of my dark world.
11. You are the lamp of a mysterious forest which is my life.
12. Her voice is music to my ears.13. His brother was boiling mad.
14. The skies of the future began to darken.
15. They were sailing on the sea of failure.
16. She rode on the ship of grief.
17. He fished for a new friend.
18. Time is a theif.

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