Hannah is beautiful.
subject: Ana 
predicate: beautiful
2.Si Liza is kind.
3.Si Aling Maria goes to market.
4.Si Alexander is energetic child.
5.Ramon and Lito is playing.
6.Si Mang Ramon trees planted.
Mario 7.Nag fetching water.
8.Si Mang plant Rodolfo's waters.
9.Si mother cooked a delicious dish.
10.Si Noel reads.
11.Si Ben bathing.
12.Naglalaba Which Teria.
13.Si Jessa clean their house.
14.Si Mikel's funeral every week.
15.Nanonood TV Hera.
16.Si Anthony feed animals.
17.Nagtitinda bread add Ryndelle market.
18.Kumain aloud Harold.
19.Si Mang Leo is running fast.
20.Umakyat ang pusa sa punongkahoy.
For example, I studied very hard Lendon.
SUBJECT: Lendon the
predicate: Studied well.