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Freedom for me is when we, people, is capable of doing things freely. Freedom is when there's nothing controlling us from what we are going to do. Life will just be useless if we don't have any freedom at all. If there's no freedom, our life will just be dull, boring, and no excitement felt. We should have freedom because it's life. Life should have freedom, we should have freedom. Don't you think you'll be irritated or annoyed if your parents keep on manipulating your own life? Don't you think it's not a good idea if someone keeps on invading your own privacy? That's freedom. Have you had ever fallen in love? How does it feel? It's heaven, isn't it? Well, how about if your parents had had an arranged marriage with you and with another one that don't you really love? You'll feel bad, right? That's why freedom is very important. You know, life wouldn't be that easy if we don't have the right to do what we want to do. It's your own life so you should be the one who's manipulating it. Freedom is the word that can and will lead you to the right path in life.
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Freedom in independence for me is victory in wars, freedom can also mean like being free from work, jail, etc. while no freedom is the opposite of my answer.
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