1.) Each day Rose practices 2/3 of an hour for play while Sally spends 3/5 of an hour to practice her part.Who practiced longer each day?By what fraction of an hour does she practice longer?

2.)Rose used 3/5 meter of clothing material for her blouse & Sally used 5/8 meter for her skirt.How many meters did Rose & Sally use together?Who used more material?By how long?

3.)Willy painted 2/6 of the background of the stage with clouds &3/8 of it with mountains.What fraction of the stage did Willy paint?



1. rose practices longer each day. she practices  \frac{1}{15}  of an hour longer than sally.

2. they used  \frac{49}{40} or 1 \frac{9}{40} . sally used more material. it was by   \frac{1}{40} meters.

3. willy painted  \frac{7}{24} of the stage.
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