There were 500 people at a concert. 30 percent of them were children. If there are 500 people at a concert then how many children are there? (FOR REAL I KNOW THE ANSWER)

NOTE:Be sure to have the solution. Nothing to worry about, simple lang po ito.ANYWAY I'LL BE GIVING A CLUE

CLUE:First, ok 1 percent is equal to 100, and last the answer is three digits. Don't worry its easy,anyway i don't want to give the second clue you might know the answer because its gonna be easier, ok here it is:
1_ _ ( the first digit is given)



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 Percentage is the number expressed as a fraction of 100.

The formula in finding the percentage is base x rate.

Base = 500
Rate = 30%

P = br
   = (500)(0.30) *Always remember to change the percent to its decimal form.
   = 150

There are 150 children at the concert.

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My own way of solving :3 30 (500/100) = 150