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If I'm going to react and recommend about the studying of respiratory system, there are many reaction and recommendation about how respiratory system work? how do we breath? how the lung process?how air process through the lungs?how one's lifestyle can affect the functioning of respiratory system and other system?
there are many reaction about it. so, I'm going to discuss about a bit how respiratory system work on us.
yes! respiratory system is very unique system, it consist of lung and other function such as bronchioles, bronchi, trachea, alveoli and others. respiratory is made up of organs in body that help us to breath. you can just remember that if you heard a word respiration its related of breathing, respiratory is responsible of breathing  when you inhale and exhale. the part of the respiratory system that are in charge of supplying oxygen are the nose, nasal passage ways, windpipe, lungs, and diaphragm, in the nose and nasal passages, the entering air is made warm, damp, and clean of unknown particle. next the air goes through the trachea, then to the bronchi, then to the bronchioles,and alveoli. if you're really understand how respiratory works its really interesting:)