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          Honor is important and memorable. This is because firstly you make your parents proud. It's really nice in feeling if you make your parents proud especially when they see their children coming to stage, receiving an award, reaching their dreams. Honor is important because you feel like all of those sacrifices, all of those efforts and all of those time are worth it. That feeling when people will put their hands together and clap for you, that feeling when you see them all smiling and proud at you, those are the feelings when you become a honor student. You feel so proud at yourself, you feel so proud about your achievements and stuff. If you really love and if you really care for your parents, you'll study hard, work hard, make sacrifices, make huge efforts so that you can achieve the achievement that they want you to have and they want you to reach. When you graduate as the Valedictorian, as an awardee, that'll be very special and memorable for them. As a parent, even though you didn't receive any honor, will be happy if they see you graduate and have the diploma. That's the very special gift you can give to them, the diploma. You don't only make your parents proud but also you make your teachers proud. It's very special for the teachers if they're going to see their students for years graduate because of them. Teachers will be very happy to let go their students just so them to reach their dreams in life. It's just like they have a balloon in their hands and that balloon make them very happy, that balloon entertain them but there will be a times when they need to let go of that balloon just so that balloon can reach its highest peak. The teachers need to let go of their students just to see them reach their highest peak in life, just to see their students reach their dreams. Honor is important because you make everybody around you proud at yourself. Honor is one greatest achievement that you can receive in your life. Even though years will pass, that achievement will still mark yourself being a honor years ago. If you're already old and already have grandchildren, you can be a role model to them. You can be their inspiration so that they can just be like you and that you can motivate them to reach their dreams. Honor is important because it's an achievement that will mark you 'till the end. If people see you after a long time, they will remember that "oh this is our valedictorian in our batch",  "this is the salutatorian in our batch", "this is one of the most amazing person that I'd ever met in my life." Things like those, they'll make you feel special, they'll make you remember on how they became proud to you. Honor is important because you'll make everyone around you proud and even you, you'll make yourself proud.
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