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First, I will give you a sample problem about it "Lita is a  37 years old employee and her problem is her cough she have taken so many antibiotics, but its still there. sometimes it will go for a while and it will comeback after a few days. she taking medicines for high blood pressure, and few weeks ago. at first her chest felt heavy, and then it felt inside. then she noted fresh blood in her phlegm. and she was very afraid so she did not go to the doctor for fear he would find a serious problem. and she just tried to rest"
the problem associated to the prolonged cough and coughing out blood, a coughing out blood are known as chronic cough this disease had many causes. an Incomplete dosing can also result to a recurrent cough. Smoking is the main cause of cough. if a person smoking it surely contributed to a problem. a smoking may be the first symptom of a lung cancer. and a drugs  also are common cause of prolonged cough, especially the medicines for high blood pressure. so, I will presume that she didn't take a medicine for high blood pressure. some people
develop coughing and itchy throat from this high blood pressure medicines. some symptoms are sinusitis, nasal allergy problem, dry cough that can also be the first symptoms of asthma. and we can proceed to the coughing out blood it says in the problem that after weeks ago she coughed out blood, Hemoptysis is what we called coughing out blood, and Hematemesis is what called a vomiting of blood. and from eroded blood vessels in the air passages, or from the lung tissue itself  when a person cough with a brown blood this means that it has already been acted upon by the acid in the stomach. the most common causes are Lung cancer, Pulmonary tuberculosis, or bronchitis. based on my studies, this Hemoptysis are very dangerous if it is very massive, when the amount of coughing out blood are more than 100 ml its not only in losing too much blood, but it can cause lack of oxygen if the blood blocks the airway. so, if a person are coughing out blood it is better to check p with the doctor, and do not strain as in carrying heavy objects and others.

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