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COPD, Emphysema , and tuberculosis are known as respiratory diseases.
when you heard about COPD it has a resemblance of Emphysema. A COPD signifies for "Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Tuberculosis"  it is a lung problem that damaging of normal lungs structure that often the result of cigarette smoking or uncontrolled bronchial asthma. An Emphysema are resemble to COPD that the main cause of it is passive smoking, based on my studies, this Emphysema is a lung problem  that the small air sacs have been stretched like a balloon and their elasticity have been destroyed, this means that the air could not freely move in or out anymore, and causing it to trapped inside. When a person who had Emphysema can result of difficulty of breathing and other symptoms. for me, this Disease is a "hereditary" it can trait with your typical history, or just by in surroundings , or just  depend on your lifestyle, in order to maintain your health, I will recommend that avoid that passive smoking, and avoid from exposing polluted air, and try to get fresh air. besides, a Tuberculosis known as the oldest  and deadly diseases ever known to affect humans. recently, this TB is responsible of "mycobacterium tuberculosis" that infect the human lungs, it’s not just the lung but it can spread through all over in different organ, this infection can spread mainly by airborne droplets, this mean that it is spread from coughing, spitting of saliva or just by talking with the infected people. Another cause is the incomplete or inadequate treatment .

How can we prevent TB? there are many ways to prevent this disease, just make sure that change your lifestyle, always keep your house clean,get enough sleep drink water as you can.

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