Why Does Uranus Look Like A Ball?
a.Because its axis is Perpendicular to plane of its orbit
b.Because its axis is Parallel to the plane of its orbit
c.Because its axis is Found in the plane of its orbit
d.Because its axis is Vertical to the plane of its orbit

I confused with this for somehow... " Why does uranus looks lke a ball"-------> "Because it's a planet"..... But base on the choices... I don't know what to do with it.
Ok thanks! :)


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Maybe you're referring about "WHY DOES URANUS ROLL LIKE A BALL"
"I already met this topic when I was in elementary"  somehow, all planet are look like a ball, why Uranus roll like a ball  because the slope "pointed end"  side ways on its axis of rotation, the tendency of a moving mass is  to continue moving in a parallel line. so, for me, my answer would be letter B.

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