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My opinion is no. Filipino teachers is what likely to called OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) It's because they are our heoes. They work to other people just to help their country and others. It hurts for them working abroad far away from their families and they don't care if they are hurt and suffering there they just keep on working and they didn't surrender or gave up, and what's more vulnerable to them is the sake of the others. So they can send money to their families. That's why we must be proud to them, cause they are our hero today.And no one can ever match them. :D
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What do you mean about 'Filipino teachers'? You mean, Filipino, the language, or Filipino as in Filipino citizen teachers?
I really do think it's the former. Yes. Because like them, they are teaching the language that has long been existing in their country. They did not reached out for other countries' languages but instead, they stayed with their own vernacular.
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