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Mamaspano incident----- about the fallen 44, why on earth God let this happen after the short vacation of Blessed Pope here in our Country? Besides, talking about whether it is an accident or something else, the answer is absolutely no. That incident is a massacre apparently (remember this is my only personal opinion). The purpose of this mission apparently by SAF before the incident happen is to hunt the most wanted terrorist in the United States' FBI. This man named Zulkifli Abdhir, a terrorist that is responsible for making bombs to the other terrorist in Asia. His currently been protected by BIFF in Mindanao and this is the main reason why the incident occurs and the reason to derive to the Fallen 44. Although deep hatred moments felt by most Filipino, we are greatly happy to see the unwanted terrorist confirmed as death. This is one of the main mission and goal of all PNP-SAF members. Thanks for their great efforts and heroic deeds, truly, Philippines cannot withstand this havoc without them.

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