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(I'm not sure if these are the traditions at Japan but I'm hoping that these would help you :) ).

I'm just going to use the English language, okay? Arigatou Gozaimasu!

    ⇒ First visit to a temple for the year.

Joya No Kane
    ⇒ Ringing of a temple bell 108 times.
        *108 times because these symbolize the 108 sins of buddha).

    ⇒ Papers where one's fortune is written.
    ⇒ Tied in Bamboo posts in Shinto Shrines.

Osechi Ryouri
    ⇒ Food served for the new year that give thanks for the previous year and to wish for prosperity this coming year.

    ⇒ A way in which Japanese people give envelopes with money to the children.

Christmas in Japan
    ⇒ Unlike Filipinos, Japanese spend their Christmas with their lovers.
    ⇒ They eat at KFC.
        *KFC - Kentucky For Christmas
    ⇒ A ''single awareness day'' for singles
    ⇒ They eat sponge cake (Strawberry Sponge Cake with white frosting).
    ⇒ Lovers are pressured in giving the most expensive thing for their love ones.

Hanami (flower viewing)
    ⇒ They use blue mats.
    ⇒ They eat and talk under the sakura or cherry blossom.
    ⇒ D-u-m-p-l-i-n-g-s over flowers
    ⇒ A mini picnic around the sakura