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As we grow up and become what we are today, our family has always been there, watching and being our guide whenever we lost the right path or whenever we face huge challenges in our life. For me, our family had a great contribute on what we are today. Our characteristics were based on them -- mom, dad, ate, kuya, tita, tito, lolo, lola, etc. They became our role models that's why we are committing these characteristics; our family has been the main reason on how we became this character today. We may had a fight with them, we may had sometimes don't understand them or we may had a very difficult wall facing with them, still, they're still our family. Our life hasn't been always perfect that you're just going to find yourself one day crying and crying at the darkest scariest corner of hell, that you keep on telling to yourself that "I should do this all alone by myself because this is my problem at the first place", "I shouldn't include anyone even my family or my friends because I don't seriously find a legit reason to include them." Sometimes you're just going to wake up by being mad at them because they keep on knowing and knowing what the hell is your problem. But swear, don't. Don't be mad at them because they're just trying to help you figure out a way to solve your problem. Just be contented because you're actually one of the luckiest person in the world that had their family on their back. Many had a family but don't care of each other or worst to you. Whenever we can't see anymore, whenever we're already blinded of the right thing to do, whenever our mind already act 0% that we don't know what the hell are we going to do anymore, our family, they had been there. They didn't let us suffer a certain something just by our own self. They supported us, they guided us, they did something just for us to be back onto the right path again. They let us pick the right choices, the choices that will make us happy and completely out of miserable, the choices that made us see the light again.
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