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There are lots of ways in using "douzu" in a sentence for it is an ambiguous word or a word having several meanings or interpretations.
These are some examples of a sentence in Japanese language with the word "duozu": 

  => please welcome
        ex: irashaimase duozu 

  => here you go
      ex: denwa wo totte kudasai ( pass me the phone please)
           Hai duozu. (here you go)

  => go ahead
      ex: nomu ee desuka? (can i drink?)
         duozu (go ahead)

  => nice to meet you
         ex: i am yuriko nice to meet you.
             (watashi wa Yuriko desu. duozu yurushiku)

  => no problem
        ex: (swate ee desuka?) can i sit here?
             no problem (ee douzu)

Sorry i could only give few.. hope this helps though! :))

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