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Education, as written in the dictionary, is defined as the field of study that deals mainly with methods of teaching and learning in schools. Basically, for me, education is a very important system wherein we create memories, learn something -- practically not just about Math or Science but also about learning different but wondrous and interesting things related to our whole life -- and become a better person that we should have supposed to be. Education is not just about being successful and learning different lessons. Education help us to create memories, memories that are very very special and the memories that we should value and keep all along the doors and doors that we're going to enter to. Education mark a big part of us, a big part of our life. Those memories, being with your teacher, with your very special friends, and with those different persons whom you had met along your way. But yet, the most important thing about education is the lessons you've learned and realized along your way. The lessons that made you realize why does it need to be like this, how can it be applicated to the reality, or why do these things need to happen 'cause I know that I don't deserve them all. Education lead us to a better future, to be a better person than the person we were before everything that had already happened. Studying and being educated people could lead us to become successful persons, or to become the successors of the next future generations after how many decades. You gotta be so lucky if you have this very memorable education system. Instead of just staying in that specific part of education, why not do something more so that you can excel more, right? Instead of just listening to those boring lessons and just copying assignments to your friends, why not do it and by yourself so that you can improve and you can have the step forward, right? Those ''hugots'', those memories, those love advices, those family and personal advices, those sacrifices, that algebra thing, that punnet square chuchu, those lessons learned, are all part of education. Improve, study hard, persevere, make it all worth it, create and keep those memories, sacrifice time before it's too late because I don't think we love having regrets. I don't think we need to regret a thing first before you realize that you've wasted the time, the sacrifice, the money so that you can understand the importance of education.
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