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              Central Angle =  136^{o}

               Length of Subtended Arc = 28.5 cm

Find:   Radius of the Circle


(Let π = 3.1416)

             Central Angle in Radians =  136^{o} x π /  180^{o} [/tex}</p><p>                = [tex] 136^{o} x 3.1416 = 427.26 (rounded to 2 decimal places)/ [tex] 180^{o} [/tex}

                                                = 2.37 (rounded again to the nearest hundredths place)


                  Radius = Arc Length ÷ Central Angle (in radians)

                  Radius = 28.5 cm ÷ 2.37

                  Radius = 12.03 cm (rounded to the nearest hundredths place)

Final Answer = 12.03 cm

(Take note that this value here may not be the exact value because we are only dealing with estimates here, so the answer may not be exact but may be nearer to the exact answer)