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POLYSEMY: is a liguistic term. 


polysemy (noun) 

1. linguistics. 
The existence of more than one meaning for a single word, such as table. 

Tyhere are many polysemous (having many senses) in the English Language. 

Let's take the simple word, 

1. 'FIX'. It has many meanings such as 1.attach, 2.Arrange 3.Get ready (food or drinks) 5. punish, 6.set right (the hair) 

2.Accept ( take willingly, receive as suitable, agree, admit (responsibility), to believe that something is true etc etc 

3.Table (a piece of furniture, dining table, facts / numbers, maths, (multiplication / addition tables, (V) to present 

4.Count (to say the numbers in the right order, to calculate, include,, consider, (n) total, saying numbers,measurement etc etc 

5.Funny: amusing, Strange, suspicious / illegal, crazy, , entertaining, witty, humorous, comic, hilarious, 

6. Love (n): ( affection, romantic(fall in love with), Enjoyment, (love of learning), a score in games like tennis, Love-all), 

7.Play (n): 

(something done for pleasure, , a drama, a game, etc etc)