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The lady in front bought 5 apples and 4 oranges.
Lets represent:
x=cost per apple
y=cost per orange

An apple and an orange cost 45 so the equation follows as:
x+y=P 45

The lady bought 5 apples and 4 oranges for P 205
5x+4y=P 205

Now lets use substitution to make the equation easier:
x+y= P 45
x= P 45-y

5x+4y=P 205
Substitute the value of x
5(P 45-y)+4y= P 205
P 225-5y+4y= P 205
Add like terms
P 225-y=P 205
Subtract both sides by P 225
-y=-P 20
Multiply both sides by -1
y= P 20

Substitute the value of an orange:
x+y= P 45
x+ P 20= P 45
Subtract both sides by P 20
x= P 25

The value of an apple is P 25 and an orange is P 20. Hope this helps =)