Show that the triangle with A (1, 3), B (-3, 1) and C (2, -2) is an isosceles triangle. Find:
a. perimeter
b. equations of the altitude
c. the point of intersection at the altitude y=8

Ill answer this when I reach home..
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tis triagle is not a isoseles triangle an you please check the given again..?


First determine the distance from point A to B, Point B to C then C to A.

using the formula for distance between two points.

d= \sqrt{( x_{2}-x_{1})^2+( y_{2}-y_{1})^2 }

solve for distance from A to B

d= \sqrt{( -3-1)^2+( 1-3)^2 }

d=2 \sqrt{5}  units

solve for distance from B to C

d= \sqrt{( 2-(-3))^2+( -2-1)^2 }

d= \sqrt{34}  units

solve for distance from C to A

d= \sqrt{( 1-(2))^2+( 3-(-2))^2 }

d= \sqrt{34}  units
1 5 1
this triangle is not an isosceles triangle can you please check the given.