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Actually, math is hard and easy to the person because Math varies different from each person. When I was young like when I was in elementary school, I found math super hard, I mean I am having trouble memorizing multiplication tables or adding and subtracting numbers. One day, I have an assignment so hard like I thought about giving up, but my sister said, Try and Try to study and you will succeed. Everyone has their skills, no one is very talented to memorize all the numbers. When I heard about that I search in my computer to get tips on solving specific problems, I even listen to class even if it is too boring, I kept working hard to understand Math lessons each day. Since doing so I understand my assignment and answered it without cheating from other networking sites or asking Because I believe that I myself can solve this if I try. I got 100% doing so not in a proud way but very happy. Because for every action, there is always an equal or opposite reaction. Now I proven myself that it is true. People keep saying that "Math is very hard, I will never understand it!". But believe me, you yourself can understand it. Math is hard because of the formulas and the problem solving and such but if you try to understand it, it will become less of a burden (not in a boastful way again >.<). Hope this helps =)