I think that you can learn english fast if you have referrences and also someone to guide and teach you about english and also don't forget to hve determination and patience because that will be the key for you to learn fastly. :)
If you want to learn fast in english follow this steps.

Firstly, Self - Study. This steps where is you can use a book which will teach and tell you the grammar and vocabulary you need to know. you can also read books that teaching a lot of english lessons come with  CDs or DVDs to give you listening or interactive practice. Self-study is also available using software or by research in the internet. 

Secondly, Join a class. This is the best opportunity to prove and practice yourself to demonstrate your learning in english guided by your teacher.

Thirdly, find a tutor that will help you with your English progress. A excellent tutor will give quality lessons for guiding you through a step-by-step program built specifically for your pratices to speak english.

Thats all the idea that will help your guidance to learn more fast in English.