Jordan and Miguel breed tropical fish. Miguel decides to abandon the hobby and gives his fish away. First, he gives half of them and a half fish more to Angel. Then he gives half of what are left and half a fish more to Bob. That leaves Miguel with only one fish, which he gives to George. How many fish did Miguel start with?




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We need to work backwards in this problem. We need to do the opposite of whatever the operation is and start with the result. At the last part we are given 1 fish that he gave to George then he gave half a fish and half of the remaining to Bob. Since in the problem "giving" is subtracting we now add and instead of dividing by 2 we multiply so the expression will be:

2(1+ \frac{1}{2} )= 3

So we now have 3 fish. Going back he gave half a fish and half of the remaining to Angel so we use the same logic as we did awhile ago.

2(3+ \frac{1}{2} )=7

Therefore Miguel had 7 fish at the start