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             Some common ailments or disorders of the circulatory system
                             " heart , blood , blood vessels"

1. heart failure  
                 the heart is like an engine pump. it is a station that supplies blood to the different organ. if the heart will fail or it overworked, the whole body suffers. heart failure is caused that can no longer pump enough blood to the rest of the body. this condition damage the organs that do not receive adequate oxygen and nutrients. the some symptoms of heart failure is difficulty of breathing and include edema or swelling. 

2. high blood pressure or hypertension
                 hypertension are usually those above 40  50 age. the normal blood pressure of adult is 110 over 75 mm Hg. your dizziness and headache could be coming from sudden shifts in your blood pressure especially when you suddenly change you position.

3. stroke 
               stroke means the brain tissue was damaged of an interrupted blood flow. or come from either a blocked or ruptured artery in the brain. or it occur because of inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients.

"this are some common ailments of the circulatory system"