The Hands of the Blacks" could be a story by Luis Bernardo Honwana. The story follows the talker as he asks totally different folks to clarify the explanation why the hands of black folks area unit lighter than the remainder of their bodies. initial he speaks to his teacher, WHO tells him that their hands area unit lighter as a result of humans once crawled on the bottom like four leglike animals, departure their palms unexposed to the sunshine. Next, the talker speaks to 3 spiritual men, Father Christiano, Señor Antunes, and Señor Frias, WHO offer him with totally different spiritual explanations. The talker then says that he once scan a book that explained the development because the outcome of slaves choosing cotton in Virginia. Finally, the talker speaks along with his mother, WHO tells him that God created black folks while not lighter hands, however once he saw however they were assaulted by race, he lightened their palms. The mother says that he did this to indicate that whereas black folks looked totally different, their work for God was even as necessary and valuable. His mother cries and leaves him to mirror on her words
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