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how can we make the object speed up or slowdown
The resultant force which acts on an object is equal with the speed with which the momentum change,so if we want to speed up or slow down an object we have to change the resultant force which acts on an object in a momentum.



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A ball is a body and in Physics a body is a delimited portion of matter and can be made from one or more substances.

A body can be in different states of movement: in rest state or in motion state.To determine the state of rest or motion in which a body may be it is necessary to determine the position in space and timing in which is it held in that position.

A body is moving in a certain time frame,if there are different moments in that period of time, in which the body occupies different positions from the referrence body.

Knowing that we can say that a ball can be moved if we can act with a force that make the ball to change its original position and to be in a state of movement from a chosen point of referrence.