1. Are you ready?
2. Are you free this Saturday?
3. Are you busy?
4. Do you want to have some food?
5. Do you know how to speak in Korean?
6. Did you know how to play a guitar?
7. Do you think we're going to pass the test?
8. Can I court you?
9. Are you okay?
10. Are you hungry?
1 4 1
1. Do you have a Mother/Father? 2. Are you a Human? 3. Did you come from Earth? 4. Does your Father Have a Dad? 5. Did you get those Items in a Shop? 6. Are those Kids Bullies? 7. Did you get a Passing Score in our Test? 8. Do you have a TV? 9. Do you have a Dog? 10. Does your Cat Barks?