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He who does not love his own language is more than just animals and rotten fish, so we nurture it, like a mother to us be blessed, it was the popular phrase from our national hero Jose Rizal who nagbibay gat.jose importance to the importance of language in the life of a person. The language of a country we can say that the soul of a nation and giving birth dito.Ito the bridge sisilbing he adds his piece was added to a community living in a country.                     Through it, the unity and understanding each person is especially flourishing, it also offers key sisilbing our unity through it kilanlan.Sa, met another man who we are.                     The importance to further develop and palawagin our national language is given sustained attention of leaders in our bansa.Sa Philippines we have over one hundred species of language used from Tawi-tawi batanes up, but still the Filipino national language He often used and understood throughout the island.