Mr. Cayetano plans to install a new exhaust fan on his room's square-shaped wall . he asked a carpenter to make a square opening on the wall where the exhaust fan will be installed . the square opening must have an area of 0.25 m squared.
1. draw a diagram to illustrate the given situation.
2. how are you going to represent the length of a side of the squared-shaped wall ? how about it's area?
3. suppose the area of the remaining part of the wall after the carpenter has made the square opening is 6 m squared. what equation would describe the area of the remaining part of the wall?
4. how will you find the length of the side of the wall?




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2. I will represent the length of the square-shaped wall be x, the area would be x² since the area of a square is the side length squared.

3. The equation would be:
Area of wall - Area of opening = 6m² , we disregard the units so:

4. We just need to add 0.25 to both sides:
x=±√6.25 = ±2.5m

We cannot have a negative length so the side length of the wall is 2.5m
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