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A quick way to do this assignment is to learn about Gerrunds.

Gerrunds are -ing ending verbs that are used as nouns. 

Example: Running is my favorite hobby. 

In this case, running doesn't act like a verb. It acts like a noun as it is the subject of the sentence. 

In this regard, you can use Gerrunds like swimming, biking, reading, cleaning, eating, sleeping as nouns or verbs interchangeably.

You can also use Infinitives (which are formed by adding To plus the base form of the verb and use it as a noun.)

Example: To graduate is my goal this year.

To Graduate does not serve as a verb or a prepositional phrase, but as a noun.

There are also other verbs that can be used as nouns. They are:

1. Bowl (Bowl as in play the game of bowling, or bowl as in a round, deep dish container)
2. Exit (Exit as in a passageway out, or exit as in get out)
3. Fly (Fly as in an insect, and fly as in soar into the sky)
4. Park (Park as in put your vehicle in full stop and leave it there, and park as in a place)
5. Ship (Ship as in send cargo to a destination, or ship as in the big sea vehicle that carries the cargoes)
6. house (House as in to put something inside, or house as in your home)
7. Phone (Phone as in call someone, or phone as in the device you're using to call someone.)