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The Rule Method of the ff.

1) Set A is a set of trees (max: 5)
2) Set B is a set of days in a week (max: 5)
3) Set C is a set of months that start with J
4) Set D is a set of horror movies (max: 5)

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1) Set of Trees A= {Acacia, Mango, Narra, Aratillis, Apple}
2) Set of Days in a Week B= {Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday}
3) Months that start with J C= { June, July}
4) Horror Movies D= {Insidious, The Conduring, Shake Rattle and Roll, The Excorsist}

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A= {A/A EQ;Q<5, trees}
B= {B/B ED;D<5, days of the week}
C= {C/C EM;M=months starting with J}
D= {D/D EH;H<5}