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First, it goes to the 'Nose', then the 'Nasal Passage', then the 'Trachea', to 'Bronchi' and 'Bronchioles', and lastly, the 'Alveoli'
When you inhale air goes in your lungs and gets filtered, it then goes to to the capillaries wherein blood gives off the carbon dioxide and takes on oxygen. It then goes around the body to give oxygen and take some carbon dioxide with them, it then goes back to the lungs and give the carbon dioxide to the capillaries and take oxygen. Then carbon dioxide is exhaled.
Maybe the simplest way I could say is that it goes to your nose, it gets cleaned, then to the trachea or the wind pipe, to the bronchi, bronchioles and to the alveoli... and when it is already done with the respiratory process, it goes into the heart and the heart pumps it to the left atrium then to the left ventricle then the air is distributed by the arteries and capillaries whole through out the cells and then what will be returned is the deoxiginated blood to the veins and to the..