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1) Infant - helpless baby
2) Whinning School Boy - unwilling to leave his house and education but still keep on whinning.
3) Lover - Funny and ready to marry his woman.(It says in the poem)
4) Soldier - hotheaded and reputation making.Always busy with work.
5) Justice - wise and free from his life. Enjoying his life.
6) Pantaloon - Becoming old, already old but older.
7) Old Age - In bed, cannot shout like he used to. When he shouts it will only come as a whisper. Waiting to die. As the poem said '' No Teeth, No Taste, No Vision,  No everything.'' He finally died.

If which line does a man performs today, either Lover, Soldier, Justice.
If as a kid, either an Infant or a Whinning schoolboy.
If old man, Pantaloon or Old Age.
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