The seven ages of man in the play As you like it by William Shakespeare Act II Scene VII was a monologue from Jaque's melancholy and sardonic voice telling how the world's a stage and people merely actors.
Infancy- It tells that it is full of innocence and knows little
Schoolboy- Always whining, basically he doesn't want to leave his own protected environment
Lover- He is always sentimental and is making his self funny, he shows his affection in a funny manner
Soldier-  is always creating the illusion of great reputation for his self
Justice- He thinks that he is acquired with wisdom and knowledge and he gains social status, this makes him indulge in the more finer things in life
Old Age- He becomes the trend of every youth's joke, he becomes a misfit in to the world
Incapacity- He is dependent for others care, he experiences second childishness and oblivion... I hope I helped!
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