Mrs. Jacinto asked a carpenter to construct a rectangular bulletin board for her classroom. She told the carpenter that the board’s area must be 18 square feet.
Draw a diagram to illustrate the bulletin board.
2.)What are the possible dimensions of the bulletin board? Give at least 2 pairs of possible dimensions.
3.)How did you determine the possible dimensions of the bulletin board? \
4.)Suppose the length of the board is 7 ft. longer than its width. What equation would represent the given situation?
5.)How would you describe the equation formulated?
6.)Do you think you can use the equation formulated to find the length and the width of the bulletin board? Justify your answer.

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The diagram . you must draw a rectangle and label it 3x9 ft. 3 for the width and 9 for the length. Ph to diba? PWEDE tagalog? T^T
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2. Possible dimensions of the bulletin board: 2 ft. by 9 ft. and 3 ft. by 6 ft. 
3. Find two positive numbers whose product equals 18. (Note: Area = length x width) 
4. Let w be the width (in ft.). Then the length is w + 7. Since the area is 18, then w(w+7)=18. (Other variables can be used to represent the length or width of the bulletin board) 
5. Taking the product on the left side of the equation formulated in item 4 yields w2+7w=18 . The highest exponent of the variable involved is 2. 
6. Yes 
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justify your answer in number 6 ?
pls justify your anwer in number 6