The members of the schools Mathematics club shared equal amounts for a new digital light processing (DLP) projector amounting to php 25 000.If there had been 25 members more in the club,each would have contributed php 50 less.

a.How are you going to represent the number of mathematics club members?
b.what expression represents the amount each member will share?
c.If there were 25 members more in the club,what expression would represent the amount each would share?
d.what mathematical sentence would represent the given situation?write this in standard form then describe




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A. I will represent the number as x.
b. Since they had equal amounts, it is 25000
c. It is 25000
d. 25000 = 25000 + 50
       x         x+25
This is the mathematical sentence, if you mean standard quadratic equation we first simplify:
   x                x+25
   x            x+25
We cross-multiply,
25000(x+25) = x(26250+50x)
We divide the equation by 50.
0=x²+25x-12500 This is the standard form but I will further simplify it,

Method 1: Guess and Check
We look for two numbers with a product of 12500 and a difference of 25,
250 - 50 = 200 X
125 - 100 = 25  √
Therefore it is 0 = (x+125)(x-100), this means x=-125 or x=100.

Method 2: Quadratic formula
x = -25 ± √(25²+50000) = -25 ± √50625 = -25 ± 225 = -125 or 100
                  2                           2                2

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